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Merchants & Advertisers

Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

Affiliates & Publishers

Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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The Benefits of Using AffiliateShop

Building an affiliate marketing program is a cost-effective way to generate a larger brand impact and increased revenue. AffiliateShop provides an all-in-one solution that extends beyond the boundaries of affiliate marketing, making it easy for you to create, customize, automate, manage and optimize your affiliate program.

AffiliateShop delivers a top rated affiliate tracking software system that helps empower your business and drive quality results, all at an affordable price.

Benefits for Merchants
  • Flexible Affiliate Program Model
    Supports sophisticated affiliate revenue tracking with multiple commission models and several tiers for multi-level marketing.
  • Effectively Manage Your Affiliates
    Robust management features encompassing communication, program membership, marketing campaigns, commission earnings, payouts,and real-time reporting allow merchants to effectively manage their affiliates.
  • Advanced Tracking and Reporting Tools
    Granular tracking and reporting of marketing initiatives, incoming leads, sales and commissions allow merchants to monitor ROI and general program effectiveness.
  • Track ANY Marketing Channel – Online or Offline
    Monitor keyword buys on PPC networks as well as banner ads from other sources all from a single AffiliateShop interface. AffiliateShop offers more than the basic affiliate tracking features—stay on top of all of your campaigns.
  • Direct Linking for Improved SEO
    Use your own domain and boost search engine optimization (SEO) with AffiliateShop's direct linking capabilities.
  • Secure, Stable and No Software to Install
    Hosted and managed in our own local datacenter, AffiliateShop provdies a worry-free solution for merchants and affiliates that can be accessed anywhere from the web.

Benefits to Your Affiliates
  • Free and Easy
    Affiliates can sign-up to your program for free and gain access to their own hosted account center.
  • User-Friendly Features
    Affiliates are able to:
    • View quick statistics and full reports
    • Review performance history and commissions earned
    • Receive communications and announcements from your company
    • Access available banners and auto-generated tracking code
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