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Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

Affiliates & Publishers

Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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Affiliate Management and Communication

Managing affiliates, commission models, and banners has never been easier. From your merchant account management window, you can customize and manage every aspect of your program. Manage automatic tasks, communications, affiliate reports, and even disable affiliates.


Banner Ad Management


Build your own banner pages that your affiliates can view from within their affiliate account. Just upload flash or image banners of various sizes and input your text ads – it’s that easy! And AffiliateShop creates all the HTML and tracking URLs for you. Your affiliates can chose any creative advertisement from the banner page they access through their account center and copy and paste the code to their own site.



Self-serve Affiliate Account Management


AffiliateShop equips each affiliate with an account center. You can customize this to fit your brand, post announcements, and allow affiliates to see commissions earned. They access your banners and change their personal contact information. Affiliates can even view their account center in their own language, giving you the power to manage a global affiliate network!



Preview and Approve Affiliate Applications


Merchants can filter out affiliate applications that are not a good fit to the program. View an affiliate’s application immediately after they submit it online. They will not become a part of your affiliate program until after you approve them.



Affiliate Communication & Email Templates


Easily keep your affiliates current with news, announcements and automatic email communications. Easily manage email templates and affiliate contact lists giving you the power to automate your affiliate communication system. You can configure AffiliateShop to send you, the merchant, an email each time a new affiliate has signed up to join your program, or you can send your affiliates an encouraging automatic email every time they refer you a new sale.



Self Replicating Page


AffiliateShop allows a merchant's affiliates to market the merchant's web site using the merchant's site URL. A typical affiliate link would look something like This is useful for affiliates who do not have a web site of their own because you can essentially give your affiliates a mini site where they can help market your products and services.





AffiliateShop's DataFeed feature provides dynamic display of your latest up-to-date product information on the affiliates' websites. The affiliates do not have to update your products' information manually. By ensuring an up-to-date product information, you can potentially increase sales on affiliates' websites.

Any changes you make on your AffiliateShop DataFeed will automatically propagate to all your affiliates sites!



Affiliate Groups


AffiliateShop powerful Group feature allows you to create numerous affiliate groups to help you to manage your affiliates better.

Each affiliate group can belong to a website that you own. For example, affiliate Group 1 contains affiliates for website 1.

An affiliate group would also help alot in reporting the performances of each business segments you own - such as a website, a group of super affiliates, affiliates on a different incentive plan, etc.

In essence, having access to the AffiliateShop Group feature offers unprecedented flexibility to managing your affiliates.

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