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Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

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Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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AffiliateShop Features - Affiliate Recruitment

Merchants have several ways to easily recruit new affiliates to quickly build a profitable affiliate network. We let you co-brand every aspect of our web-based software and your sign up page to match the look and feel of your own web site. We offer you the ability to start a multi-level marketing (MLM) affiliate program to give incentives to members of your affiliate network, and we get you listed in our Network Directory to help you recruit even more affiliates.


AffiliateShop Network Directory for Easy Affiliate Recruitment


AffiliateShop merchants can tap into our network of thousands of affiliates looking for more merchants to partner with -- currently numbering more than 20,000 active, unique affiliate accounts.

When you sign up to be listed in the optional Network Directory, you gain a number of advantages and the possibility to grow your program by easily recruiting more affiliates. Your listing will showcase your affiliate program to our existing network of publishers and in a few simple clicks; they can sign up to join your affiliate program as well. The Network Directory saves you time and money, while helping your build a strong affiliate program that will bring you more traffic and revenue.



Affiliate Profiling


Optionally capture more relevant data about existing and new affiliates. As a merchants, you can search the Network Directory to intelligently target specific affiliates that match your marketing strategy.
Instead of disbursing resources across all of the affiliates in a hit-and-run fashion, a merchant can now focus on recruiting more important affiliates. You can search the Network Directory based on specific attributes of affiliate members. Below is an example of a few ways you can target potential affiliates:

  1. Type of Web site (Business or Personal)
  2. Web site content categories
  3. Web site demographics
  4. Does the affiliate web site owner operate a newsletter or mailing list?
  5. Monthly marketing budget
  6. Unique Site Visitor



Customize Your Affiliate Sign Up Page & Account Center


AffiliateShop allows you to create a co-branded look to your affiliate program Sign Up page. From the AffiliateShop merchant dashboard, you can customize your corporate banner, page color, font color and layout! You can even customize the Account Center your affiliates view when logged in to check their sales statistics. You can include your own corporate banner and your affiliates will not even know they are logged into AffiliateShop.



Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Affiliate Recruitment Incentive


AffiliateShop empowers a merchant to have an affiliate program that rewards affiliates for bringing new affiliates to their affiliate program. This is a multi-tier structure that gives your affiliates an added incentive to promote your affiliate program because they can earn money every time their sub-affiliate is paid commission. The net result is a win-win situation -- your affiliate program grows, you earn more revenues, and your affiliates have the opportunity to earn more money too!

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