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Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

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Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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Affiliate Tracking and Reporting

AffiliateShop tracks and reports the most up-to-date and real time information on affiliate, banner, and external advertising performance. From your merchant account center, you can view quick statistics, see the most recent affiliate who referred you a click or a sale, and see full featured reports..


Direct Link Tracking


instead of a redirect URL. This will allow search engines to see the link from your affiliate site and potentially enhance your search engine rankings and improve link popularity. If you are concerned about search engine optimization (SEO), AffiliateShop is your best choice for affiliate software.



Banner Tracking and Reporting


Your direct link tracking code is automatically added to your banners and text ads code when you input them into the system. After your banners are added to affiliate sites, you will start seeing statistics on click-throughs, sales rate and more. Switch between tables views and colorful flash charts to see impressive reports on your affiliate program’s performance.



Track the ROI of Any Marketing Channel


AffiliateShop is able to track banners, Flash (tm), text, emails and even offline marketing materials. Track all of your media, paid search advertising, and other, non-affiliate banner ads from one system. You can track the marketing effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) for any marketing channel. You’ll see how your other campaigns compare to your affiliate marketing program and much more.



Link Affiliate Banner Ads to Any Page on your Site


Merchants can allow affiliates to link to any web page on their site. If you have multiple products, you can still track affiliate referrals while allowing affiliates to link to specific product pages. This improves your conversion rate by taking visitors to the specific page of content they are interested in and bypassing the home page.



Allow Affiliates to Track Relationships with their own Partners


Your affiliates can have the power to reward their own partners with generic tracking links. They simply add a parameter to the tracking URL to your merchant site that identifies the partner or partner site. Your affiliates can then see reports on which partners delivered referrals to their merchant and reward them separately. Generic tracking allows your affiliates to embark on a highly effective reciprocal marketing arrangement with other highly qualified web sites without the need for them to become affiliates themselves. This flexibility results in more sales and revenues for you and more commission revenue for your affiliates.



Affiliate Program Reporting


AffiliateShop gives you intelligent statistical data regarding the performance of your entire affiliate program. View total sales earned from affiliate referrals or your referral-to-customer conversion rate. Assess the performance of each of your banner or text ads and gather intelligent information to help you create even more effective ads. You can even get performance data on each of your affiliates individually by drilling down to see how many referrals your affiliates are sending you and how much commission you are paying them.



Export Affiliate, Banner, and Entire Network Reports


AffiliateShop allows you to export your reports to CSV formats and they can be generated daily, weekly or monthly. You will be able to import your affiliate program reports into any relational database or spreadsheet for greater flexibility and analysis. Apply filters to access only the information you need for specific criteria and date ranges.



Protect Your Affiliate Network from Fraud

  AffiliateShop’s powerful anti-fraud mechanisms provide assurances to merchants that their affiliate programs do not come under fraudulent activities. Although we do not claim 100% protection, we intend to help you protect your investment and reduce the occurrence for your protection. Details of this technology are kept confidential.
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