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Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

Affiliates & Publishers

Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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Leverage the Power of AffiliateShop

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple; recruit other people to become affiliates, who will then advertise your products, services or business in general. This newly generated traffic becomes additional leads and sales that you normally would not have received. In turn, you pay out commissions to those affiliates who sent you the leads or sales as a "thank you" for their efforts.

Yes, it is that easy! Reference the affiliate marketing flowchart below for a visual.

Affiliate Flow Chart

Now you only need a solution to manage your affiliate program, like AffiliateShop,

Our all-inclusive affiliate tracking and management solution makes it easy to manage your banners, maintain positive communications with your affiliates, track their performance, and pay out commissions.

With built in wizards, fully customizable solutions, and an easy to use interface, AffiliateShop makes it easy for you to drive quality traffic to your site and effectively manage your affiliate program.

If you still not convinced, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of starting an affiliate program with AffiliateShop, and to get to know our feature packed system.







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