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Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

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Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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Recent News

News Releases and Press Box

5 May 2008
AffiliateShop’s new feature, Affiliate Groups enables merchants to create their own affiliate groups. allowing them to assign affiliates to these groups for easier management. Read More.

7 Mar 2008
AffiliateShop introduces the new DataFeed feature, which allows products information on affiliates' websites to be updated dynamically and automatically. Read More.

8 Feb 2008
AffiliateShop’s PremierPay feature processes affiliate payments and reduces service times for AffiliateShop clients and end users. View Press Release.

18 July 2007
AffiliateShop launches its new Network Directory which allows merchants to showcase their affiliate programs to potential affiliates. View the Network Directory.

18th May 2007
AffiliateShop launches its latest version, AffiliateShop v10 (also known as the Edge Edition). The latest version provides unprecedented user interface response and intuitiveness and sets the stage for more exciting new features to follow.

2nd Nov 2006
AffiliateShop launches complimentary banner design service for new AffiliateShop accounts opened from now till end December 2006.

21st April 2006
AffiliateShop launches Affiliate Program Consulting to help new merchants to grow their affiliate programs through a personalized consulting service.

5th April 2006
AffiliateShop hits record number of sign ups for the first quarter of 2006 and the highest number of expanded customer base. AffiliateShop looks set to grow further with its ultra powerful affiliate program tracking software and passionate customer support experience.

5th January 2006
AffiliateShop upgrades is software application to provide much better and faster server performance.

5th Oct 2005
AffiliateShop launches its own shopping cart feature. Now, merchants can tap into a powerful shopping cart software as well as an established affiliate software.

1st January 2005
AffiliateShop triples existing staff strength and expands to a larger office.

8th December 2004
AffiliateShop announces support for the popular Yahoo Shopping Cart, also known as the Yahoo Small Business solutions.

14th September 2004
AffiliateShop relaunches the AffiliateShop MarketPlace to offer faster access to our merchants' products.

17th June 2004
AffiliateShop launched NSites service plan, meeting the needs of merchants and affiliates that require multiple affiliate programs on multiple web sites requiring a single sign on interface.

14th January 2004
AffiliateShop 7 launches Self Replicating Page (SRP) feature, empowering merchants with a higher level of marketing flexibility. SRP allows an affiliate to market a merchant web site using the URL 

7th January 2004
AffiliateShop offers merchants a convenient way to write checks to affiliates through PayByCheck service.

10th December 2003
AffiliateShop launches its latest transaction API system that allows our merchant's back end system to send commission and order data to AffiliateShop automatically. Read the Features page for more information

5th November 2003
AffiliateShop releases its latest dedicated Ad ROI Tracking Tool, enhancing its all-in-one marketing value proposition.

25th April 2003 
AffiliateShop 7 releases new Affiliate Profiling Engine.

26th February 2003
AffiliateShop was awarded the High Availability web service award by InternetSeer, an independent and leading web site monitoring company.

27th January 2003
AffiliateShop launches its FraudGuard feature, which aims to protect AffiliateShop's merchants investments in Pay-for- Performance marketing.

7th January 2003
AffiliateShop v7 debuts with support for Flash banners - its first of many new and exciting features to be rolled out under the new v7 (version 7) enhancement initiative.

9th September 2002
AffiliateShop introduces the AffiliateShop MarketPlace which allows AffiliateShop's merchants to place their products in front of shoppers in the MarketPlace's online shopping mall! 

4th July 2002
AffiliateShop launches Localization Module that allows our merchants to reach another 50% of Internet users who are non-English literate.

20th June 2002 
AffiliateShop introduces a 360 degree service offering to a business Marketing and Sales cycle! 

19th June 2002
AffiliateShop v6 is now compatible with Intuit QuickBooks with the availability of the Transaction File Export and Import feature.

9th April 2002
AffiliateShop introduces the Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all AffiliateShop's merchants. The SLA aims to ensure a high level of customer support quality.

4th April 2002
AffiliateShop V6 launches innovative Hybrid Affiliate Network model.

20th March 2002
AffiliateShop V6 debuts with Drill-Down Reporting Tool.

12th March 2002

AffiliateShop launches Multi-Page Link capability which allows an affiliate to link to any web pages on the merchant's web site with unprecedented convenience.

5th February 2002

Pendulab is proud to signup with the leader in Web Content Monitoring Service Provider, InternetSeer.Com, to provide an unprecedented level of quality and service uptime for AffiliateShop merchants.

31st January 2002

AffiliateShop v5.0 rolls out the One-Click Affiliate Check Payment facility! 

3rd January 2002

New AffiliateShop v5.0 enables a business to simultaneously offer Pay-for-Performance marketing program and Ad Tracking capabilities! 

28th December 2001
Agilent Technologies selects AffiliateShop as their affiliate software solution after a careful assessment into the capabilities of the AffiliateShop software against other affiliate software vendors.

19th December 2001
AffiliateShop launches Affiliate Co-branding Experience tool

6th December 2001
AffiliateShop is proud to finally roll out our latest breakthrough in Affiliate Marketing technology with the launch of the LinkCheck Agent.

26th November 2001
AffiliateShop v5 launches its FlexiLink Module that allows more effective search engine positioning capability for AffiliateShop's merchants!

19th November 2001
AffiliateShop v5 launches advanced Market Intelligence Tool!

13th November 2001
AffiliateShop v5 launches the most flexible and comprehensive commission tracking tool, called the DualStep Tracking Technology!

17th October 2001 Pendulab, the company who produces AffiliateShop, is proud to announce the new SmartTrack Reporting Tool!

5th October 2001
Pendulab is proud to announce a second major milestone being reached by the development of IE 6.0 compliant links!

19th September 2001
Pendulab is proud to announce a major milestone being reached for its new AffiliateShop v5 architecture!

29th August 2001
Pendulab is proud to announce the launch of the new AffiliateShop v5 platform, positioning it as a world class leading affiliate solution tool!

3rd August 2001
Pendulab Pte Ltd announces today that it had acquired a 24 hour server monitoring service to ensure maximum service availability.

10th July 2001
Pendulab Pte Ltd helps AffiliateShop's merchants to promote their affiliate program

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