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What They are Saying about AffiliateShop

I wanted to send my feedback about this company, their services, and my experience with them. This is far the best company with the BEST customer service, I have never encountered in my online business venture. I run a small business online, selling a product and counseling women. For MONTHS I have been wanting to create an affiliate program. I contacted many companies. I can honestly say that I was very disappointed with what I found. There are many companies and programs out there (most of them really expensive) but unless you are an expert and know what are you doing….once you pay, you are at your own!. Maybe you are lucky and get an email within a few days (if you get any) giving you links to guides and instructions manuals. My problem is that even reading these manuals, still didn’t know how to implement these things into my website. I was very frustrated, for the lack of support, until I found Affiliateshop.com. I sign in as a member; I sent Affiliateshop an email, telling them I have not a clue on what to do. Two minutes later, I got an email from them. The email said; Don’t worry Ana, you are in good hands. Wow! Not only I was in good hands, it was much more than that! I signed as a member around 8pm, AffiliateShop and I email until late AM hours!!. They RESPONDED TO ALL OF MY QUESTIONS WITHIN MINUTES. Still I didn’t know how to set up my affiliate program with my shopping cart. Codes, links, all that stuff drives me crazy. They told me to give him some info and leave it in their hands. I must tell you, I don’t know what they did, but my affiliate program was up and perfectly working early NEXT MORNING!. They never stop communication with me, they DID EVERYTHING for me. I have never in my entire life, have I encounter people that actually cares about their clients, as AffiliateShop does. I am deeply grateful to AffiliateShop for all their help and patience. If more people will be like them, I tell you, life and especially business, will be much easier and enjoyable. I will be working with this company for years to come. I will highly recommend it to any one. AffiliateShop, you should get the “Oscar” of the Year, for BEST INTERNET COMPANY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND PRODUCT.

May God bless your business for years to come.

Ana Sola, CLA, CHBR, BC


"I want to specially Thank You for all the helps and supports over the last week in setting up the YoungHeroes.US Affiliate program.

You are very responsive and have given us the best service. We have tried to use 3 other Affiliate Programs before and each has promised us to provide Technical Support but did absolutely nothing after they have collected our payment.

I certainly will be recommending others to use your program." - Bob Calvert, www.YoungHeroes.Us

"In attempting to utilize the Internet for marketing purposes, I researched a significant number of affiliate-marketing programs. The clarity of what AffiliateShop could do as compared to others...well, there was no comparison. However, the added value became the team behind AffiliateShop, whose expertise, assistance and attention to detail has been unparalleled. In a few brief words: If you are thinking of utilizing AfffiliateShop, hesitate no longer as this will undoubtedly be the system that launches your online business presence. " Respectfully, Dr. Francis John Maguire, Ph.D, Owner of TaxZERO.org"

"The AffiliateShop Team launched our companies into the 21st century overnight. Absolutely, positively the best affiliate program money can buy - with the quickest, sharpest and most serious support on the Internet. What else can I say? Thanks, guys - you're dynamite!" - Derek Clontz President Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club, Inc.

"Thanks for everything. For what it's worth, I barely passed my computer classes in college, 15 years ago, so I guess I do pretty well.. with a little help! Thank you very, very much for the personal, one-on-one support and assistance! You are a life saver! I'll certainly recommend you to anybody that's interested in putting together an affiliate program! Thanks again!" - Patricia Reszetylo, Author of "10 Easy Steps to Build a Business or Career with Horses"

"Hi, my name is Emilio A Serraino of www.workhomedirectory.com first of all, I have to say you guy's are AMAZING!, no INCREDIBLE!, no TERIFFIC! or just plain God sent! I just registered as a merchant and I know nothing about nothing when it comes to initiating or installing any type of program, I'm the type of individual who tries to put projects together without reading directions and come out having extra pieces at the end of the process, all I knew is that I wanted to establish an affiliate program for my company. When I received your e-mail accepting my application I was excited! Now the fun part began, where do I start? Usually I always begin at the end and work my way forward, yes you could say it's a chemical imbalance, but guess what!!!!! it worked to my advantage this time, why? because I saw a statement in my e-mail "AT THE END" where I normally begin, stating - We understand that you would like to have a quick start to your affiliate program instead of looking through the documentation. Our company can help you with express setup of your affiliate program. This is a free value added service to you, as our valued AffiliateShop client. "Well I'll be damned", I've struck gold for the first time in my life, finally a company that understood clients like myself, the ones that always start at the end and work their way forward. Well guy's, your GREAT!" - Emilio A Serraino, www.workhomedirectory.com

"Currently we have been running Affiliate Shop for the past couple of years with great success. Thank you for providing such a reliable program!" - Shawn Donille from MountainRoseHerbs.com

"BTW, wanted you to know that my partner and I looked at a lot of sites for our affiliate program, but yours was the only one that had everything exactly the way we wanted it, and a fair price to boot. Nice job." - Jinger

"Thank you very much for all your help Chris, I can't remember the last time I received this kind of attention and service. I will definitely recommend your company. I said this before and I'll say it again. You guys are great!!!" - Ozzie Roldan

"This is truly the best affiliate program available, outsourced or not. The recurring commission feature alone is worth $45/month. Also, if first impressions mean anything, I could not be happier... you guys are pro-active.." - Eric Winchell, Trading Systems

"I can't wait to get started on it! I gotta tell you, though... of all the affiliate programs I've applied to, this is the first one that I'm getting very fast answers...without long waits... thanks again you've been awesome!!!" - Robert Njonjo

"Unparalleled Customer Service & Support
First of all, Affiliate Shop's customer service and support was so good that we asked them if they would like our testimonial. They deserve it. In a period of two months, we were emailing their support at an average of three emails a day. Most of our emails were replied to within a couple of hours, if not minutes. All our emails were replied to in less than 24 hours. The replies were detailed, patient, cordial and customized to our case. AffiliateShop even contacted our Credit Card processor and worked on integrating our affiliate program with it.

Webmaster Center's Ease of Use
We got familiar with the Webmaster Center in a couple of days, and we found it easy to use.

Extra Services at No Extra-Charge
We were happy that Affiliate Shop offered extra services like "Live Chat" and "Survey Builder" at no extra charge to the affiliate management program. In short, we're happy we made the decision to go with Affiliate Shop." - Michael Smith, eLife IT Company

"Thank you for all the work you are doing. I am so impressed with your service and your product. I don't understand how your competitors stay in business! I have looked at all the affiliate schemes. Before I found you I signed up for [snipped]'s program and wasn't able to set it up, probably because of its module. [Snipped] gave me no help and in the end I took a refund. Then I did more research and found you. A better product and infinitely better service." - Tony Luck

"I would just like to say many thanks for all of your help in the configuration of the AffiliateShop Software. I have bought many different types of Software from companies in the past and have had varied support, ranging from the reasonable to the non-existent. It makes a very refreshing change to know that an e-mail can be sent with the assurance that it will actually be dealt with by staff that obviously take pride in the product that they promote. The service has been exceptional throughout. Many thanks once again for a truly remarkable product and exceptional customer service." - John Bennison, CEO of e-SalesOnline.co.uk.

"You system is awesome: I have been in business's on the web since 1994 and with many Affiliate programs, never has one been so complete and the speed of your code processing is incredible. If you would like me to elaborate on a specific I will, truly we have been online for a long time Commission junction, LinkXchange... And various CGI and PHP do it your self scripts, once you place traffic on them they stall out and you lose sales. With your systems the affiliates can get a lot of information that they need to in a GUI interface that is respectable and reflect the same type of standards that we aspire to." - James Allen, World-Reach LLC.

"I have to say I am really amazed by the superb level of service I get from your company. I asked a question and received a reply, resolving my query,within minutes - and we are on opposite sides of the globe!

This is not just a one-off experience for me. You have always been very prompt in answering my questions, Chris, it is truly an excellent service.

The Affiliateshop software itself is also superb and I dare say unprecedented in it's power and versatility. I am slowly learning it's capabilities, but it does seem to do anything I ask from it." - Alan Brown, CEO The Affiliate Website Company

"I am truly impressed with both of your products and both of you. Your tech support is great! First, when I told (AffiliateShop) that I would like to see my Order ID in their data base instead of theirs, [they] said, sure, they would accept an OrderID when the info is sent from the spthanksshp.asp page. ... I tried it out just now and placed a test order and looked at my Affiliate Shop Account and in the Order ID field for the order was displayed my OrderID number. Awesome! It worked the first time flawlessly! Hats off to both your companies and individuals. I am a "happy camper" as they say in my country. Thanks very much." - Frank Hill, Travel Science

"Again, thank you very much for all your help - we've worked with other affiliate systems, and ..., your customer service is head and shoulders above the rest." - Lawrence Shannon-Missal, LTCInsurance Inc.

"I would strongly recommend your business to anyone! Your service alone is fast and first rate!" - Monique Rowe, Gags and Giggles

"I researched all of the other programs of this type I could find, and you seemed to stand out way ahead." - Laurence Gilbert, C & L Nutritionals Company

"Your customer service operations is second to none. I was amazed at the lightning speed you replied to my previous emails for help in setting up my account. KUDOS." - Ambrose Desir

"Thanks for ALL your help. This speaks volumes as to your company's
dedication to Customer Care! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship." - Phil and Clara McKinney, MaxPatch Ink Supplies

"I so much appreciate your going above and beyond to help get affiliate shop integrated into my website and merchant account. It is very exciting to think of the possibilities a good affiliate program can offer." - Michael Stahl

"You've done a great job! ... The AffiliateShop system worked well for us." - Kevin Nunley

"I would juts like to say that we made a short list of all the affiliate
programs available incl.:
Affiliate Shop
Commission Junction
My Affiliate Program
Click Trade
PluInGo Affiliate Network

And none of the others are as helpful as your Organization. ...
I am sure that with the service Affiliate Shop provides, you will excel
above your competitors and enjoy huge success." - Hay Ingrid, clicks.co.za

"I think that your AffiliateShop system is really "kick ass." I am just amazed at what a great service you have, and the price you offer. I am truly grateful that you folks are in business and available to those of us small business owners who are on a budget. Thanks so much." - Deborah

"Let me take the opportunity to tell you that I've looked around on the internet for a long time to find anything comparing to AffiliateShop's service. The interface brings trust to whoever is joining. The price is simply amazingly low (now don't go and increase it :-). It worked from day one for us. No hiccups. Ok, you got the message. We would be very disappointed if the service would be stopped." - Jo De Vulder CEO Promasoft

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