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AffiliateShop FAQ

Merchant Affiliate Management


  • What is the difference between the Network Access and Standard Service plan?
    Both service plans provide all the basic features you will need in order to successfully run your affiliate marketing program to increase traffic and revenues through your web site.  These features include, but are not limited to: anti-fraud protection, multi-level affiliate marketing, advertising and ROI tracking, unlimited clicks, and unlimited affiliates.  The big difference is that the Network plan gives you a huge jumpstart in marketing your affiliate program. The Network Plan gives your new affiliate program a premium listing in our Network Directory which is visited by thousands of affiliates, who could potentially be joining your affiliate program. AffiliateShop offers several different affiliate management service packages so that you can choose the best fit for your budget.
  • How long does AffiliateShop take to set up my account?
    Getting set up with our affiliate management software usually takes from half a day to one day to process the order and set up your affiliate program merchant account. We will notify you via email once your account has been created.
  • If I were to sign up with AffiliateShop on the 15th of this month, how long would my membership with AffiliateShop last?
    Your membership would last till the 15th of the next month and thereafter on a renewable period of 30 days. Your account will be renewed automatically each month.
  • Is there any contract to your service?
    No, there is no contract for using the AffiliateShop service. You can cancel at anytime.
  • Can I set up more than one affiliate program with AffiliateShop?
    Yes, you can set up an unlimited number of AffiliateShop accounts with us with our NSites (Network) service plan. Contact us for more details on this. There is a single point of login for merchants and affiliates to manage their accounts.
  • With a single merchant account, how many different web sites can I manage affiliate networks for?
    A maximum of 5.
  • Does AffiliateShop auto approve affiliate’s?
    AffiliateShop allows our merchants to automatically accept new affiliates who signed up for their affiliate programs without manually reviewing and approving the new affiliates OR you may review your affiliates first and require approval first.
  • Do I need to create each new affiliate?
    No. AffiliateShop will auto generate affiliate IDs for each new affiliate who signs up with the merchant's affiliate program. This ensures that the merchant's affiliate program is accepting new members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If these new affiliates aren’t set up to be auto-accepted into your program, you will have to approve them before they can actively start marketing your web site.
  • Can I place my affiliate sign-up link on more than one web page?
    Yes. You may do so as long as the web page that you are posting your link on does not contain objectionable contents.
  • Can I place the link that allows anyone to register with my affiliate program on my emails or on any other media, such as magazines?
    Yes, AffiliateShop allows you to place your link to your affiliate program registration form on emails. But if you would like to place the link on any other media, such as a magazine, please ensure that the context in which your link is placed does not contain any objectionable contents. This rule applies to placement on emails as well.
  • Can I review a web-surfer’s application to be part of my affiliate program before accepting him or her into my affiliate network?
    Yes. Whenever a web-surfer submits his or her particulars on the affiliate registration form, AffiliateShop will place the latter on a holding list. You have the option of examining each applicant in the holding list and to subsequently, accept or reject each of them. Those whom you have accepted will be registered as your affiliates in your program.
  • Does AffiliateShop have an anti-fraud mechanism in place to prevent someone from clicking on the link repeatedly?
    Yes. AffiliateShop has a FraudGuard feature that prevents affiliate click fraud. It also contains other configurable settings which can be changed to the merchant's level of tolerance. 

Tracking My Affiliates

  • Is it necessary to use a shopping cart?
    No.  This affiliate software allows a webmaster to credit a sale to an affiliate manually in the case that the sale process is not automated by a shopping cart of payment processing system.
  • Can my affiliates use my business domain names instead of the default AffiliateShop redirect code, containing AffiliateShop domain name?
    Yes, AffiliateShop's FlexiLink Module allows you to use your own domain name as the redirect code for your affiliates' banners, logos and text links (e.g. This means your affiliates do not need to use the default domain name and can also help you improve search engine ranking.
  • Can I track residual commission?  I want to pay my affiliates ever month as long as the customers, whom my affiliates referred, continue to pay for my service.  In addition, can I customize the affiliate commission value months down the road?
    AffiliateShop’s recurring affiliate commission tracking capability allows you to track residual commissions. In the context of AffiliateShop, each residual commission belongs to a Subscription Account. As a merchant, you will be able to view the various Subscription Accounts belonging to your affiliates. You can also customize the residual commission rate for the Subscription Account a few months later. As long as the customers keep paying for your service, you can keep paying the affiliates that brought you that revenue.
  • Can I use AffiliateShop to track the performance of different advertising channels?  I need an effective tool to help me measure which web sites (where I will be investing my marketing dollars) are brining in the highest and consistent sales.
    Yes, our powerful and flexible AffiliateShop software allows you to track the performance of your advertising channels on various web sites. You can view the visitor click-throughs, sales generated from affiliate referrals, and even which banners are more effective with higher conversion rates.
  • Will I be able to view the click-through for each banner?
    Yes, AffiliateShop's Banner Management and Tracking module allows you to track the number of click-throughs for each banner. The Banner Management Tool is very comprehensive and incorporates other features like banner-to-banner performance comparisons and more!
  • Will AffiliateShop be able to track customers who come back a few days later to purchase my products?
    Yes, AffiliateShop will be able to track customers who come back even weeks later.
  • Can I configure the tracking lifespan? I do not want to track sales that are more than 90 days if the customer did not buy immediately after clicking through to my site from the affiliate's web site.
    Yes, AffiliateShop allows you to specify the number of days the tracking will expire.
  • Is it possible to track by dollar amount per product?
    Yes, AffiliateShop is able to do that as well. You can create your own product database and set individual amounts to be paid out to each affiliate for different products.
  • Can I track by fixed dollar per sale and % per sale simultaneously?
    Yes, AffiliateShop allows you to implement such a tracking model and it’s even possible for you to track any combination such as, click-throughs and sales, simultaneously.
  • Can I set up a customizable redirect for each affiliate?
    Yes. AffiliateShop allows the merchant to create a customized redirect link for each of his or her affiliates. This is useful if the merchant wants some of the affiliates to link to different pages on the merchant's web site.

Paying My Affiliates

  • Can I customize the payout rate for individual affiliates?
    Our affiliate management software has been set up to allow you the greatest flexibility in affiliate commission payment models.  As an AffiliateShop merchant, you can set individual pay-out rates for each of your affiliates based on clicks, sales, percentages of sales, and more!
    • Does AffiliateShop have an affiliate system for pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale type of service?
      Yes, AffiliateShop has a pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale affiliate tracking system installed allowing merchants to use the architecture that is best for them.
    • I would like to pay my affiliates on a % per sale basis.  Can AffiliateShop do that?
      Yes, you can pay your affiliates their commission based on a percentage of the sale they referred.
  • Can I implement a step wise affiliate pay out model?  For example, I would like to pay 5% for the first 5 sales, 10% to the 11th to 30th sales and 20% for the 31st sale onwards generated by the affiliate for extra incentive.
    Yes, AffiliateShop allows you to implement Stepwise Commission Credit Model a model. You can have varying pay out rates, whether increasing or decreasing in %. This step wise model is also available for click-throughs, product and leads tracking.
  • Can I cancel an affiliate’s commission if the customer has cancelled his order, or if the order is found to be fraudulent?
    Yes, AffiliateShop’s Comprehensive Commission Management feature allows you to cancel that affiliate’s commission.  You can also edit the commission as well, should the customer’s order amount be reduced, in order to reflect an accurate commission for your affiliate.
  • Does AffiliateShop pay the affiliates directly for the amount corresponding to the payout rate as set by the webmaster?
    AffiliateShop does not pay of affiliates the amount corresponding to the payout rate set by the webmaster by default unless the merchant has signed up for the AffiliateShop PremierPay service (see next question below).  It is the responsibility of the merchant to ensure that all commissions due to their affiliates are paid as and when deemed proper and agreed upon mutually between the merchant and his or her affiliates. AffiliateShop does not offer a check writing service; however, our partnership with PayByCheck Inc allows all AffiliateShop merchants to use their RebateByCheck service, a volume check writing service package. This optional service means that merchants don’t have the hassle of writing checks and mailing them to affiliates. 


  • Can AffiliateShop handle commission payment for me? I would just like a one stop solution for that convenience.
    Yes, AffiliateShop's PremierPay service is the one for you.

    AffiliateShop's PremierPay service essentially relieves you of the hassle of cutting checks and mailing payments to your affiliates. Let AffiliateShop handle this mundane and laborious task for you. With PremierPay, you will have the following features and advantages:

    • More time to manage your business and for everything else.
    • Just manage a single escrow account with us and cut down on messy
      accounting entries.
    • AffiliateShop will send you the list of commissions to be approved first
      before payment is made.
    • Determine the minimum commission threshold to pay
    • Set your own payment interval (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc)
    • Online viewing of payment history and escrow account balance. (all
      commissions will be paid out from your escrow account)
  • Does AffiliateShop generate a QuickBooks check transaction file?  I am using QuickBooks and would like a convenient way to generate checks from QuickBooks.
    Yes, AffiliateShop merchants have the ability to export a QuickBooks transaction file each time a commission payment is issued to your affiliates.

Email and Affiliate Communication Features

  • Will I be notified immediately when a customer, referred from one of my affiliates, buys my products?
    Yes, AffiliateShop’s Automated Sale Notification will send you an email as soon as an affiliate referred a paying customer to your web site. This email will also include useful information, like the date and time of the transaction.
  • Does AffiliateShop have a list mailing service for the merchant?
    Yes. AffiliateShop provides an extensive affiliate communication feature because we recognize that the merchant will need to communicate with all of his or her affiliates.  Merchents can set up general announcement mailings  that will allow the merchant to send an email to all of his or her affiliates. Merchants can set up Message of the Day Announcements can be viewed by all of their affiliates within their own Affiliate Administration Accounts. 

What My Affiliates Can Do

  • Can my affiliates change their personal particulars like their address in real time without my having to change it for them?
    Yes, your affiliates can log in to their online Affiliate Account Center to modify their particulars at any time of the day.
  • Do you track the number of visitors?  Our affiliates should be able to see how many visitors they are sending over and how many sales they are making.  I would want them to be able to test various sales techniques at their sites to see what works well for them.  I am sure that it would help motivate them by seeing what they are making currently and encourage them to do better.
    Yes, you will see how many clicks are coming in from each affiliate.  You affiliate will also be able to see how many visitors they have referred to your site and if the sale materialized.
  • How will my affiliates keep track of their click-through and sales rate?
    AffiliateShop will create and account, the Affiliate Account Center, for each of your affiliates that signed up (and are approved by you to be a part of your affiliate network).  Your affiliates can simply log in to their Affiliate Account Center and check their sales stats online, in real time.
  • Can my affiliates set up referral mechanisms without requiring partners to sign up to my affiliate program?
    Yes. Our Refer-a-Friend feature lets your affiliates capitalize on worth-of-mouth tactics and still get credit for a referral. Your affiliates may also use generic tracking to track partner referrals and pay them commission on their own.

AffiliateShop Software Integrates Well With Other Applications

  • What are the main shopping cart providers that are compatible with AffiliateShop?
    They are listed below: 
CCNow Amercart EasyBasket
Intershop 1ShoppingCart Kagi
AbleCommerce WorldPay ShopAssistant
BuyWired MIVA Merchant CommerceStore
PDGSoft Virtual-Banking iBill
SecureNetShop Cart32 NetBilling
Concept2100 UK VirtualCart InternetSecure
GoEMerchant ECWare VP-ASP
Emetrix RegSoft DomainCart
ShopClerk CartManager Mal's Ecommerce
InstaBill Dansie Shopping Cart StoreFront
CyberStrong eShop Authorize.Net LinkPoint
SkipJack Mercantec Softcart Actinic
Verisign PayFlowPro QCCart QuikStore
BillCC.Com PCS BankCard PayPal
JustAddCommerce MultiCards PaySystems.Com
MonsterCart InetStore QuadComm Q-Shop
JShop UK ShoppingCartDesign Redhat Interchange
CartIt SalesCart 2CheckOut.Com
UltraCart II CactuShop AssureBuy
Make A Store (MAS) CCBill ShopFactory
ITransact LogicCommerce ShopSite Pro
Kurant StoreSense ModernBill ClicShop
CardService International MonsterCommerce Netstores
NetCatalog by Grafixl aMember Pro MoneyBookers
Ginix Payment Solutions WebCart Professional StormPay
EarlyImpact ProductCart 800Cart PlugNPay
NetIDNow Store Builder Plimus Yahoo
If your shopping cart/payment processing company is not listed above, just send an email to and we will investigate the compatibility of your existing system with AffiliateShop. No obligations. Please include the name of the company and the URL in the email. Thank you.
  • I would like to implement a pay per % of sale affiliate model. I am running a third-party shopping cart provider. Can AffiliateShop integrate with that shopping cart provider?
    It depends on the implementation of the shopping cart provider. Generally, AffiliateShop will be able to support third-party shopping cart providers if they fulfill the following condition: The shopping cart provider must allow you to input a custom HTML code into the Order Receipt page. Also, the shopping cart provider must provide you with the field names (or variables) used internally to store the value of the transaction (this is only needed for pay-per-% of sale tracking; pay-per-fixed sale model does not require the field). You will be required to insert that field name into the AffiliateShop sales tracking code. 
  • Does Affiliateshop allow for exporting of affiliate records data into a commercial relational database, such as MS Access or MS SQL?
    Yes, AffiliateShop has the function to display affiliates' data in a comma-delimited (comma separated) format which can be imported into any relational database.  Transaction details can also be exported as a CSV (comma separated value) file.
  • I am using Microsoft ASP for my shopping cart script on an NT machine. Can AffiliateShop's sale tracking code integrate with it?
    Yes, AffiliateShop will integrate perfectly with your ASP script on your NT machine.


  • Can I install AffiliateShop on my own server?
    No. The AffiliateShop system is completely hosted on our server. Hence, a merchant does not have to install any software on his or her server. This saves the merchant countless and mind boggling installation issues like, system compatibility, server environment, application variables and so on. AffiliateShop is a web based interface that you can log into from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Can affiliate records be lost?
    No. AffiliateShop software runs on a powerful SQL relational database system ensuring robust data integrity. You will have the peace of mind that affiliate records and records of sale will not be lost.
  • Are your servers RAID enabled?
    Yes. The AffiliateShop server is RAID enabled. This means that if any of our hard disk crashes, service will be continuous.
  • Where are your servers located?
    Our dedicated AffiliateShop servers reside in the United States.  Since a bulk of our traffic originates from the US, you will experience faster response times.
  • Is the AffiliateShop server secure?
    Yes. All log in details and activities are transmitted securely.
  • Does AffiliateShop maintain strict confidentiality of the webmasters’ and affiliates’ particulars?
    Yes. AffiliateShop holds in the strictest diligence that there shall be no intentional misuse of any of the webmasters' or affiliates’ particulars. Their information will not be divulged to any other persons or third parties.
  • Is the AffiliateShop server monitored?
    While many web services boasts of 24/7 network monitoring, AffiliateShop boasts of both Application and Network monitoring. Our company has contracted a dedicated third party web monitoring company to monitor the availability and performance of our AffiliateShop application. In the rare event that any of the application components fail, the monitoring service will activate our hosting company hotline to effect a resolution
  • Do I need to have a private cgi-bin directory in order to set up my own affiliate program with AffiliateShop? Do my affiliates need a cgi-bin directory of their own in order to participate in my affiliate program?
    No, you do not need a private or any cgi-bin directory. There is no software for you or your affiliates to install because the entire affiliate program will be hosted on the AffiliateShop server. All you need to do is cut and paste a few HTML tags on your web site. Both you and your affiliates can access the affiliate software program by logging into AffiliateShop to access your accounts.
  • How do you handle future upgrades down the road?
    A lifetime of free upgrades--our existing clients do not have to pay anything additional in order to enjoy the latest AffiliateShop software version and features! Our oldest clients have undergone three major software revisions and have never paid a cent.
  • Do you offer support?
    Yes. Great customer service provides the foundation for a long time excellent working relationship between our merchants and AffiliateShop. We have a comprehensive Customer Service Level Agreement.
  • Is AffiliateShop compatible with Internet Explorer?
    Yes AffiliateShop links are IE 6 compatible. IE 6.0 has a privacy protection which prevents certain cookies without meeting its privacy criteria from being created on the user's machine. Our advanced AffiliateShop software is fully compliant with IE 6.0 privacy requirement and hence, allows for full tracking of all sales referred from the affiliates.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 has a stringent privacy policy that prevents cookies without meeting the privacy requirements, from being created on the user's machine? How does AffiliateShop handle that?
    AffiliateShop is a superior software that meets all privacy requirements for the latest IE 6.0 browsers. What this means is that all sales are tracked and logged. AffiliateShop merchants are not affected by the new IE 6.0 privacy protection policy.
  • Can I control the life span of a cookie?
    Yes. AffiliateShop allows our merchants to customize the life span of a cookie. This provides utmost flexibility for merchants who want to dictate how long should a sale be tracked if a customer comes back to the site days, weeks or months later.

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